B25 Photo Research

Photos of the restored B-25J, Pacific Prowler


These Go Remote photos were taken on Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Alabama.

Not all B-25's had the same configuration of guns. Differing primary models, designated by letters following the B-25, like B-25J, had varied nose guns and other gun configurations. During the latter part of the war in the Pacific many B-25 missions relied upon the lead aircraft with bomb sights to drop from medium levels (unlike the high levels of Europe) and the
other formation aircraft released at the same time.

The nose guns, normally .50 calibers, some with more than one, were great firepower platforms for Pacific targets when flying low level at high speed. Targets included Japanese harbors, coastal shipping and barges on the north side of New Guinea.

Interestingly, the waist guns of the B-25J pictured underwater on the New Guinea page still has belted ammo in the feed tray but much of it had been fired from the cans. (The Go Remote dive photo is of the upper gun turret, not present on the display aircraft pictured below.)



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